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Is error message “no mountable file system” flashing on your system?

Are you unable to access the desired files?

Need any help?

In Macintosh OS, the safety of data depends only on the creation of DMG (Disk Mounted Graphics) file. DMG files are those files which are created using the disk utility of Mac. These files have an extension of .dmg. The DMG files are an image or copy of the contents of the hard drive. You can create image of the whole hard drive on the desired storage media using the DD command. However, sometimes due to any internal problem you aren’t able to access your files. In this case you can lose your vulnerable data if you don’t use the proper alternative of data recovery.

The disk image is only as a back up of your Mac data. Disk image helps you by preventing data loss, even when the drive is physically damaged. In realistic circumstances, when you try to mount a DMG file on the drive to access data from the file, you can come across the given error message:

"No mountable File System"

This message means that the file has become inaccessible along with its contents because of some cause.

Reason behind the error:

Such errors occur only when the operating system is unable to find the format of the file being accessed for mounting either because of the damage in the file or other file systems are not found for mounting. Mounting is the process of making the computer file system ready to use so that its contents can be accessed.

Solution to sort out your problem:

Disk utility Macintosh can help you to recover files or check the integrity of the file. The application checks the file and if it detects any error then the error is fixed by the software. If Disk utility fails to sort out the problem you can go for Mac Data Recovery using third-party applications to solve the data loss problem. The software uses thorough scanning algorithms to perform a deep scan of whole hard drive and repairs the files which are showing the no mountable file system dmg error, and inaccessible data from it. It has been designed such that it allows the user to store data to a safe location like external hard drive or USB drive. But before that it checks the free space available in the desired drive. This utility supports OS X Tiger and snow leopard of mac as well as others too.

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