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Resolve Mac Gray Screen of Death Error

Mac OSX is used by large number of computer users due to its high quality graphics, security, sound etc. Mac has recently introduced Snow Leopard with distinctive features and functionalities. This operating system is also popular due to high working ability and improved system performance. Though high data security is provided but several times different problems are identified by computer users and all the files becomes totally inaccessible.

One of the common problem experienced by users of Snow Leopard at the time of system start up is gray screen error is displayed in the screen. After gray screen of death is prompted in the screen computer system cannot be booted. Due to this issue operating system becomes totally inaccessible.

Take a practical scenario of GSOD in dual booting system. Once you follow instructions of BootCamp during the procedure of creating dual boot system. When you search for one partition then instead of numerous partitions you find that there is only one drive. Even after retrying this process after updating Mac OSX you will find that there is only one hard drive partition. When you reboot computer system by then Mac gray screen of death is displayed.


  •   •  Executing updating process of Mac OS improperly.
  •   •  Damage in system files
  •   •  Corruption NVRAM or PRAM


You require to follow steps mentioned under to resolve Mac gray screen of death:

  •   •  First of all you require to change the settings of NVRAM or PRAM correctly.
  •   •  After that you need to check whether all the peripheral devices are connected      properly or not after that you require to restart computer system.
  •   •  If above process is not successful then you require to make use of Disk Utility for      resolving corruption issues related to damaged Mac hard drive.

If Disk Utility fails to resolve corruption issues related to Mac Snow Leopard then you need to reinstall the operating system. This process will be effective for fixing gray screen of death but at the same time it will lead to arise data loss circumstances. You can restore the lost data using previous backup. If you have not kept backup in advance then you require to make use of Disk Recovery Macintosh. It uses advanced scanning techniques for data restoration of deleted as well as corrupted files in few minutes. Recovery of all the files including videos, photos, music, documents is completed in just few clicks.